Re meetings

Have you ever walked out of a meeting thinking, ‘what the hell happened there?’ Or been sick with worry before a presentation? Meetings and presentations are the pointy end of business. They’re where you win or lose. And since losing is expensive, how can you improve your win/loss ratio?

Most people go in to important meetings cold.

You do your preparation but you keep any doubts or concerns you have to yourself. You don’t tell your peers those things because you want to look like you’ve got everything handled. Standard human operating procedure.

But it’s not smart, because you bring to the meeting all of the things going around in your head beforehand. You might be concerned about your preparation; you might be anxious or complacent; you might be annoyed about a disagreement you had over breakfast. There will be always be something there and it’s seldom aligned with the intention of the meeting.

Independent Conversations uses cognitive science and linguistics to set you up powerfully for meetings and presentations. After the meeting we help uncover what went right and what went wrong.

There are two steps.

Intention calls

Before the event you have an Intention conversation with a trained, independent person. It usually takes fifteen minutes. During the call, you express all of your concerns in a way that has them disappear. Then, with the listener, you identify your perspective on the event, giving you the freedom to recontextualise how the meeting occurs to you. Once that’s done you can bring your intention to the fore. You walk in to the meeting clear and focused.

Reflection calls

We don’t normally stop after an important meeting and take stock. So we miss the chance to nail the source of our performance effectiveness (or ineffectiveness). Did you deliver what you set out to deliver? If not, why not? If so, what could you share with others in the business about that?

While the meeting is still fresh in your mind, you should debrief with a Reflection conversation. In that call everything that happened, positive and negative, gets expressed. This has it disappear and you won’t drag a reaction or complacency into subsequent meetings. You will also be fully acknowledged for what you did – it’s a powerful and positive experience often withheld by your line manager.

Independent Conversations is a methodology that removes upset, concerns, anxiety and regret. Your corporate culture will become more supportive and more intentional. In short, it’s a serious business advantage.

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